Arst & Arst, P.A. represents both debtor and creditors in all types of consumer and business bankruptcies. The firm has vast experience in debtor/creditor relationships of all kinds including problems involving consumer’s and creditor’s rights and the Uniform Commercial Code. For over 16 years, David Arst served as a Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee.

 The Fear of Bankruptcy

All of us at Arst & Arst, P.A. understand that no one wants to file bankruptcy. Our clients are usually in emotional turmoil created by the stress of mounting debt and constant threats from unfriendly collectors. They often have had judgments and garnishments issued against them. They know they should contact a Kansas bankruptcy lawyer but their distaste and embarrassment about their circumstances prevent them from doing so. On top of all this is the fear of the bankruptcy process; what will happen to them? How can they afford it? How will it affect their credit? The attorneys and staff at Arst & Arst, P.A. understand all of this. Over the course of the years, our firm has represented and helped thousands of people and businesses with financial problems.

Understanding your legal rights, the Bankruptcy Code and bankruptcy exemptions will help you protect your home and family. If you have been subject to loss of employment, wage garnishment, judgment, a failed business, foreclosure, repossession, large medical bills or are simply unable to meet your monthly expenses due to the cost of living, you should understand your rights as a debtor. Contact Attorneys David Arst or Alisa Arst for an initial consultation and learn about your options.


Creditors’ Rights and Considerations
Arst & Arst, P.A. has represented a multitude of creditors over the course of the years, including banks and businesses of all types confronted with debtors in and out of bankruptcy. We know the legal process well. We can assist creditors with the advice and actions necessary to minimize their losses. Rules governing the legal process to collect indebtedness in a bankruptcy situation are complex. If you are a creditor, we will explain the options available to you and help you through the process.